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Pro-Choice, Pro-Life
Spoken Word || Lia Milousis

Is it possible to be pro-woman, pro-choice, and pro-life?

          I first began to ask myself this question during my time as a university student studying Political Science and Women's Studies. At first, the question seemed simple enough. However, it set me rather unexpectedly on a difficult path.

          I had to wrestle with pro-abortion rhetoric and reexamine my pro-life perspective. I had to analyze the abortion debate and search for what I believe is the underlying issue that is being left unaddressed. It took me many months of wondering and wandering before I finally reached an answer.

          But today, I have one. Today, I know that I can openly declare that I am pro-woman, pro-choice, and pro-life. And it is my desire to share my explanation with those around me. This is what fuelled my decision to write and record a spoken word addressing this question.

          For too long, pro-lifers have remained under the shadow of stereotypes that label us as being “anti-woman” and “anti-choice”.

          For too long, pro-lifers have been forced to censor our language and walk on eggshells, for fear of being labeled as being “bigoted” or “misogynistic”.

          As a traditional feminist and an advocate of women, I am proud of my pro-life stance. And I hope that, after you watch this video, you will be too.

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