About Lia Mills


     Lia Mills first stepped onto the stage of activism at the age of twelve, when a video of her presenting a speech about abortion went viral on YouTube and she started receiving invitations to speak all across North America. Since that time, Lia has continued being a voice for the voiceless, expanding her passion for social justice to include topics like euthanasia and human trafficking, in addition to abortion.


     Lia is undeterred in her goal to make abortion both unnecessary and unthinkable.  Her passion to see abortion end in her lifetime, combined with her understanding that the needs of pregnant women must be properly addressed before this will become a reality, has motivated her to write An Inconvenient Life, a book about her experiences as a young pro-life woman. For more information, go to aninconvenientlife.ca.


     Young, fiery, and passionate, twenty-four-year-old Lia Mills is an inspiration to all. Her life story proves that even the most unqualified, if they are simply willing, can make a difference in this world.